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Customer Testimonials


From Robin Clark 2019 

In a slump in my pool game, just seemed I could not improve my game. Then Carl, noticed something while we were playing. He then asked if I would like to get a little help, so I agreed. After spending some time shooting balls, while Carl watched across the room. He came up and told me it was my stroke, he showed me how to improve it. Today, my skills have made a change for the better. Thank you, Carl!

Robin - Email

From Craig Smith  2019 

I just wanted to say thank you and tell you how much I enjoyed our lesson together. You made it fun, and your easy-going style made for a pleasant session. Also, I enjoy how you stressed the fundamentals, and how it takes 28 days to break bad habits but can be remedied with both practice and perseverance. The cost of your service was a very good value since I have already seen results. I will be in touch to schedule more time. Take care.

Craig Email

From Ken G. 2019 

If anyone is looking to improve their pool game, I would recommend Carl Stewart.  If you are a beginner or have been playing for years Carl will help you improve your game and give you insight to new strategies.  I have taken several sets of lessons with Carl & he was a big help in moving my game forward.

Leigh - Tucson 
Carl helped with both the mental and physical sides of the game and I saw an immediate improvement after my lessons. I think it would have take me years to learn what he taught me in a few hours.
Thank you, Carl!

Carl is a talented instructor who can definitely take your game to the next level

Tim Taylor
 "During a visit to the area, I took lessons both at Carl's room in Phoenix and at a local establishment In Tuscon. I appreciated the care he took appraising the current state of my game-- revealing several weaknesses.  In less than 15 minutes, Carl corrected my 9 ball break shot; after a very long drought, I was finally putting balls in on the break most every time. The rest of the lesson was spent on cueing/stroking, various shots, position play, and strategy-- all while going at that handful of areas needing work from different directions.  Carl's a gifted instructor who clearly, immediately helped my game-- last evening playing BCA 8 ball (out of 5 matches) only missed one shot--had 1 B&R as well as 3 TRs..."

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PBIA Master Instructor Carl Stewart, MBA, MIS.