Carl Stewart, MBA, MIS

Master PBIA Instructor

602-820-POOL (7665)

Services - ABA offers a completely mobile cue repair service that comes right to your home or place of business. ABA feels there is no sense investing in game without having your equipment in top condition. No leaving your cue for days. Work is performed right in front of your eyes. Please remember to let me know when scheduling your lessons so I can bring the cue lathe 

My Cue Repair Bio

My cue repair days started in my home town when I opened a retail billiard store 1998. I was sell cues and supplies with customers coming in asking for a new tip or shaft cleaning I knew I had to learn. I purchased my first cue repair lathe with all the instruction videos. I would watch the tape and pause it and then perform the work. I learned the basics and helped my customers with tips and shaft cleanings to keep them playing. I ran that shop for a few years and then life took me to Sacramento CA. I found myself married and with a new son (C2). As a family, we ripped all three pages of pool halls listing out of the yellow pages and we drove to each one and I could tell if we even wanted to go in. Finally, we found Hard Times Sacramento and I knew I was home. Went there almost every day and got to know the owners like family. I became the house man running tournaments and opened a cue repair shop inside the pool hall. Wow talk about learning by fire when all the legends come in for cue work. Of course, the biggest to me was Efren. Lucky for me he only asked for a shaft cleaning I was so nervous I probably could not stop shaking. I am sure he has cue repair people lined up to help he or even just give him a brand-new cue. Anyway, other greats Raffle Martins and Mike Massey even stay with us and I worked on his tip every day and he won the whole tournament something 5K. He told us out to a huge feast. I had a lot of demand for new custom cues inside of hard times and I thought I do repair why not build cues too. Wow was I wrong trying to make cues was the hardest thing I have ever done.