Carl Stewart, MBA, MIS

Master PBIA Instructor

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                                                                                                     My Big Matches

Let me set the stage for the pictures below

It is back in 2006 and I am working in Phoenix when I hear of a demo of Poker pool at Fort McDowell Casino with two pro players named Johnny Archer and Jennifer Barretta. Of course, I like pool of any type and I love a casino even more.

I arrived to the event early not really knowing what to expect and had a pretty good line of sight on the table and there were full size cameras taping the event. Lots of black ties and sexy women really trying to class up the event with some free food and then they came around and to have us sign up for something. Then it happened they called my name over the loud speaker and of course I am five feet from the table and I won the opportunity to be scotch double partners with Jen. We played Johnny and his partner that was also drawn out of the crowd.

Needless to say I did not have a cue or time to even wash my hands before I was thrust into battle.

Enjoy the pictures