Carl Stewart, MBA, MIS

Master PBIA Instructor

602-820-POOL (7665)

Interested in becoming a Pool Instructor? 

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The Arizona Billiard Academy now can make that happen 

We are called the Arizona Billiard Academy for simple fact I do service all of AZ and I am willing to create a lesson plan and package that fits anyone’s needs. As for the latest advancements at ABA there are a few. The biggest one has to be the fact I reached the master level inside the BCA now called Professional Billiard Instructor Association (PBIA) system. I am now an master level instructor which I am very proud of and have taken years and hundreds of hours of teaching to achieve. As some of you may know at the advanced level I can make new instructors. I have started with a few players that showed interest in becoming a PBIA recognized instructor. If you have any interest in becoming an Instructor just let me know. Last year at BCAPL at the Rio I really enjoyed teaching inside of Randy G’s room and planning on it again this year. 

The ABA is working on getting a “goodie bag” for my students that will include training material, discount or offers, products for tip shaping and shaft cleaning. I have a ton of PDF’s some are up on the website and I have been printing the documents in the past but I am in search of a few new ways to enhance and deliver the information.    

Thanks for taking the time to read this update and I hope to see you all out there playing and having fun.