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Master PBIA Instructor

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NEW UPDATE 4/1 2022

Billiard Super Store now OPEN 

<Welcome to the Billiard Superstore>
Often the things that have the most value or quality are small, I have opened a brand-new Billiard 

Super Store is located at 

1011 commerce Dr Suite I, Prescott AZ 86305.

My phone is602-820-POOL (7665) text anytime 

This Superstore stocks between 50 and 200 cues all major brands:
Multiple cases all major brands:
Cues: NFL, OB, Predator, Cuetec, Players, Viking, Youth, POT Leaf, and
Specialty Cues.
All Accessories too may to list all, if I don’t have it, I can order it.
Gloves / Chalk / Towels / Cue Extensions / Pocket Chalker’s, etc.
Of course, Full Cue Repair:
Master Level PBIA instructor onsite:
HOURS-12noon to 7pm Monday – Friday – Hopefully on weekends, when I am not playing tournaments, but Customer Service is my number one goal. If you need anything, so just Call for appointments for any special requests or times outside of regular business hours 602-820-POOL (7665) TEXT anytime.
I built this Superstore to focus on Billiards supplies not really darts, poker and slot machines etc. I felt that I needed a Superstore to match or beat the internet world and I have done that with great prices and something they do not offer great customer service.
I will buy some used cues any type just brings it in, and we will figure something out – Don’t get your hopes up but I will pay more than the pawn shop.
When you buy a cue from me, I offer trade in value for when you want upgrade or change.

My name is Carl Stewart and I have always love billiards, pockets billiards or pool whatever it is called I have played it and loved it all my life. All my reports in grade school were on the history and details of the games.


I grew up in a very small town on the Oregon coast and never really got to experience the game expect in my family basement until I became of age and were able to play in the bars. Then when I was about 22 years old, a man moved to my little town from Reno NV and opened a “real” pool hall. I drove by the building and asked him every day when he was going to open for at least two months before he did open the doors. To say I was a “regular” would be an understatement. Lots of time on my hands and a love for the game equaled hours upon hours in his pool hall and of course, I became very close friends with the owners and I am still to this day.


Inside the pool community, I learned of a tournament in Reno NV (which is now known as the bar table open). That was my first real big tournament and wow, I loved it and have been hooked on big tournaments ever since.


That pool hall experience lasted a few years and then it was gone. A few years later, I found myself married with a new baby boy, living in Sacramento CA, and needing to grow up fast. I found two more great pool halls in Sacramento the first one was Hard Times Billiards and Jointed Cue.    

These are both family owned and I ended up getting to know both of them. I worked at hard times running tournaments and running my own cue repair business inside a closet they rented me and earned my first college degree. Seven years later, it was time move on to Tucson AZ.

I found two great but much smaller pool halls here and have continued to play and get a couple more Masters Degrees. During my time in Tucson, I kept being approached about giving lesson so I open the Arizona Billiard Academy, LLC and became a BCA certified instructor. My love for teaching has pushed me to become an active college professor in addition.


We are called the Arizona Billiard Academy for simple fact I do service all of AZ and I am willing to create a lesson plan and package that fits anyone’s needs. As for the latest advancements at ABA there are a few. The biggest one has to be the fact I reached the third out of fourth level inside the BCA now called Professional Billiard Instructor Association (PBIA) system. I am now an Advanced level instructor which I am very proud of and have taken years and hundreds of hours of teaching to achieve. As some of you may know at the advanced level I can make new instructors. I have started with a few players that showed interest in becoming a PBIA recognized instructor. If you have any interest in becoming an Instructor just let me know. Last year at BCAPL at the Rio I really enjoyed teaching inside of Randy G’s room and planning on it again this year. 

The ABA is working on getting a “goodie bag” for my students that will include training material, discount or offers, products for tip shaping and shaft cleaning. I have a ton of PDF’s some are up on the website and I have been printing the documents in the past but I am in search of a few new ways to enhance and deliver the information.    

Thanks for taking the time to read this update and I hope to see you all out there playing and having fun.


The student and teacher relationship is very important to me personally. I have taken many of hours of lessons.


Let me share some of the problems I have encountered over the years


  • Instructors not starting at my current skill level - I felt I had to pay for the information in all the lessons just to receive what I needed.
  • Instructors that do not play any high level competition - it was always hard for me to believe someone that has never been under the "BIG" pressure.
  • Being told there is only one way to do something.
  • Low rated handicapped instructors.
  • Being told you have to practice 8 hours a day and if you do not improve, it is not their fault, you did not practice enough.

Here are some of the ways I try to help and (not) make those same mistakes when I teach.


  • I "test" my student in the first half an hour of the lesson to see their current level. I go forward from there. The student's playing ability dictates what level the training relationship will begin.

  • I personally play at a high level of competition with large entree fees and highly skilled opponents (Semi-Pro). This has helped my game develop in the "pressure spots." There are tricks I have learned to help deal with the pressure. I pass these tricks on to my students.

  • If you take a lesson from me, you will find that I believe no two people are built the same. For example, I have a student whose arm was wounded in the war. He is never going to "stroke" like the book shows. That does not mean he cannot play great pool.

  • I will have you practice but I will not take the fun out of the game.